A Reluctant Assassin . . . is FREE!


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S&G Publishing has agreed to give away Reluctant Assassin?

Really? Yep! You bet!


Don’t miss this wonderful story…

I honestly can’t say enough good about it. I loved it!  I’ve read it several times already!


’nuff said.



God bless you!

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Awesome, new short story…


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Introducing . . .

A Covert Alliance!


JC Morrows has a new short story coming out on June 21st…

A Covert Alliance is a short story, but the story is anything but short! As JC’s assistant, I was able to read (and prepare my review) a bit early — and I am thrilled to share that this story is just what readers have been waiting for…

Will Kayden, our mysterious Reluctant Assassin. fulfill her mission when she is asked to form A Covert Alliance?

Don’t miss this intriguing story… and it’s best if you’ve read Kayden’s story, so run and grab copies to catch up before its’ release day.

S&G Publishing is running a special right now… the three main novels are all on sale $2.99 for the first two and only $3.99 for the newest – and the short stories are 99¢ (and one is FREE)! So get your copies now — before the prices go back up…




God bless you!

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Arthur Illinois | Naomi Miller & JC Morrows


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Today I’m posting a few pictures of our trip to Arthur . . .

Most of us got to take a buggy ride . . . it’s definitely slower, but everyone enjoyed the ride — and it was a great time to appreciate the scenery around us.

TOUR 166

Sam has driven a pony cart when we visited an Amish community last year, but this is their first buggy ride . . .

TOUR 176

JC, Naomi, and I took copious notes and lots of pictures (we were careful to not take pictures of any people).

Beachy’s Bulk Foods is a great place to shop. I purchased a few things, then went back later to pick up more!

TOUR 162

I loved looking at all the nice homes . . . and hoping to have a home of my own soon.

TOUR 147b

TOUR 152

Research is done, and Naomi left copies of her book with several families.

The only complaint I have is that I didn’t get to stay long enough! I hope if the authors return to Arthur, they’ll invite me along — I’m ready to hit the road!

Until next time . . . God bless you!


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Casey, Illinois | JC Morrows


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Well, I’m back!

My very first book tour . . . with fellow author JC MORROWS was fun, exciting, and exhausting!

I know I said I was going to try to post pictures during the week, but with running to a different town each day, and most of the time, not having access to Internet — or even phone service — I decided to wait until I was back home.

Our first stop was at the Martinsville Agricultural Fair, where we saw a giant horseshoe — and caught a glimpse of a racehorse during a workout. (Sorry, we weren’t able to get a picture of the horse).

TOUR 037

As JC’s assistant, I had a great time . . . her children are a delight! Just look at that movie star!

TOUR 039

Next, we visited the World’s Largest Wind Chimes (there’s that movie star again) . . . what you may not notice (due to my lousy picture-taking abilities) is JC’s son over by the wind chimes, making them play beautiful music for us.

TOUR 044

The giant mailbox was a real treat . . . visitors can actually go in and check it out!

TOUR 073TOUR 094

I wonder if JC will write about a giant birdcage someday . . .

TOUR 089

My next blog will be more on the book tour, but I wanted to share the fun stuff this time . . . God bless you!



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Book Tour | Assistant


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I’m going on a book tour…. another author’s book tour.

I’m going on my very first book tour . . . with fellow author JC MORROWS! The excitement begins on April 23rd and ends mid June!

My role?
1) driver,
2) friend,
3) assistant.


I’m thrilled — and looking forward to it. I know it’s going to be a very exciting time! I’m going to try to blog and post pictures during the week, so stay tuned…



As JC’s assistant, I have a big job ahead of me, but I think I’m up to the challenge.

Here’s a picture of her last book signing…


Until next time . . . God bless you!



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