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Today I’m posting a few pictures of our trip to Arthur . . .

Most of us got to take a buggy ride . . . it’s definitely slower, but everyone enjoyed the ride — and it was a great time to appreciate the scenery around us.

TOUR 166

Sam has driven a pony cart when we visited an Amish community last year, but this is their first buggy ride . . .

TOUR 176

JC, Naomi, and I took copious notes and lots of pictures (we were careful to not take pictures of any people).

Beachy’s Bulk Foods is a great place to shop. I purchased a few things, then went back later to pick up more!

TOUR 162

I loved looking at all the nice homes . . . and hoping to have a home of my own soon.

TOUR 147b

TOUR 152

Research is done, and Naomi left copies of her book with several families.

The only complaint I have is that I didn’t get to stay long enough! I hope if the authors return to Arthur, they’ll invite me along — I’m ready to hit the road!

Until next time . . . God bless you!


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